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Thuja Steeplechase

A Denser, Fuller Sport of Thuja ‘Green Giant’

An improvement over the popular Green Giant, with even more dense foliage.

You will LOVE Thuja Steeplechase, a new and improved sport of our bestselling Thuja Green Giant.

Plant Patent #16,094. A sport of — and great improvement over — the popular privacy tree Thuja Green Giant, Steeplechase has a far more dense, full habit, with foliage far more feathery and finely cut, and a tip that emerges fully leafed out instead of shooting up a bare stem to fill in over time! Steeplechase has a more narrow, well-branched, attractive habit that affords more privacy in less space than ever before!

This quick-growing evergreen offers terrific tolerance of heat, humidity, drought, cold, and heavy ice and snow loads. Unpalatable to deer, it makes a terrific perimeter planting and even resists bagworms. Its neat, maintenance-free pyramidal shape never needs trimming, and its billowy, feathery look and lean habit make Steeplechase attractive even in patio and other up-close settings. You will love touching the foliage of this magnificent evergreen, and will appreciate the quick, uniform coverage it provides.

Happy in full sun to light shade and even in heavy clay soils, this tree appreciates being thoroughly watered and fed the first few seasons to jump-start its growth. After that, it’s so low-maintenance it’s practically self-sufficient.

Zones 5-9.