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Thuja ‘Filiformis’

Two-Tone Weeping Evergreen Beauty New foliage is bright green, maturing to rich reddish-brown. ‘Filiformis’ is elegant enough to use as a specimen, but its engaging two-tone foliage, slow growth, and superb garden-worthiness may tempt you into using it as a long, low hedge or even a foundation planting. Utterly distinctive yet very easy to grow, it combines elegance with ease of culture, a merit few other plants of this caliber can claim.The habit is dense and weeping, with long, very slender foliage carried on whip-like stems that arise in great numbers. The new spring foliage emerges bright green, contrasting brilliantly with the mature leaves of reddish-russet.

A tree continually in flux between green, red, and brown, Thuja ‘Filiformis’ would be interesting even without its weeping habit.The stems are held in loose tufts all over this tree, creating a rounded shape that adds soft contours to the garden. The thread-like branches do not sprawl so much as hang suspended, for a very elegant look. Very slowly growing to 6 feet high and 3 to 4 feet wide after 10 years, this is a tree to be enjoyed at close range, and it is ideal for containers as well as the garden.Very hardy in cold and temperate climates, ‘Filiformis’ is left alone by rabbits and deer. It is content in any well-drained soil, and in full sun or partial shade.

As it matures, it sets small cones that add tremendously to its ornamental appeal. A standout in the winter garden, it is beautiful in every season.