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Lilium ‘Scheherazade’

Fantastic Color Combination on a REBLOOMING Lily!

This new Orienpet combines the best of the Oriental and Trumpet hybrids!

Just as Queen Scheherazade kept the king enthralled with cliff-hanging tales of adventure that never quite ended, so does this new Lily return day after day, week after week with fresh blooms to carry vigor, and flower power. You will want it immediately for your sunny garden.Orienpet Lilies are the lifework of breeder Judith Freeman, who combined the best characteristics of the Oriental and Trumpet hybrids to develop a strain of fragrant, strongly-colored, reblooming Lilies. Scheherazade’s combination of dark burgundy and radiant gold edging is unbelievably showy on 8-inch flowers, and new buds keep arising as the first flowers are picked or fade! ‘Scheherazade’ also redefines “”vigorous”" in Lilies.

These plants shoot up 6 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide, carrying massive inflorescences without toppling. They begin blooming in midsummer and can continue well into fall, though the best show is in late summer, when you need good color the most. Laughing off excessive heat and humidity, ‘Scheherazade’ practically blooms through anything if given water and sunlight!Best in full sun to light shade and well-drained garden soil of just about any type, this Lily has become an instant favorite. Perhaps the finest of the new Orienpet hybrids, ‘Scheherazade’ is magnificent in color, already won so many popularity contests that the North American Lily Society admitted it into the Hall of Fame.

Zones 4-9.