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Hemerocallis Golden Zebra

Hemerocallis Golden Zebra : Finally, the day has come — a variegated Daylily with foliage as beautiful as the flowers, and just as reliable!

Every leaf of this plant is boldly striped in gold, for an elegant look in bed and border that lasts well beyond bloomtime!

18 inches high and 2 feet wide, this plant is perfect for edging or a large planting near the front of the border, where you can enjoy the showy leaves en masse. They emerge bright yellow-striped in spring and keep their color all summer, beautifully complementing the 3-inch golden flowers that arise all season (but most heavily in midsummer).Golden Zebra has been trialed for 5 years in gardens across the country, and has been found to remain true to name, with no reversion to green (as some variegated plants will do). You can depend on it to be just as tolerant of heat, humidity, drought, and cold as other Daylilies — the only difference is the extra beauty.Golden Zebra makes a nice companion to blue Salvia, red Coreopsis, and Russian Sage, among others. Space the plants 18 inches apart, water them in well the first year, and watch them take off! Zones 4-9