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Ginkgo Biloba ‘Autumn Gold’

The Best for Brilliant Fall Color!

Our choice for the most beautiful Ginkgo of all, ‘Autumn Gold’ is a male selection that will never set the messy fruits that mar the enjoyment of so many other Ginkgos. It is much slow-growing than the species, gradually reaching its full majestic size of 35 to 50 feet high and wide. And every year its lovely fan-shaped leaves blaze bright gold in autumn.

A very easy tree to grow, ‘Autumn Gold’ tolerates urban pollution, poorly-drained soil, drought, and a variety of adverse conditions. It doesn’t mind compacted soil, heavy clay, or even sand. The perfect “landmark” tree for your property, it also makes a fine city street tree, perimeter planting, or woodland choice (though it does best in full sun). The autumn color shows to best advantage when lit from behind by the rising or setting sun, so if possible site it in an area where the sun’s rays will make the most of its bright gold tones.

‘Autumn Gold’ grows in a naturally symmetrical pattern, so it needs no pruning or shaping. Enjoy this stunning presence in your landscape for years (generations!) to come. Zones 3-9.