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Coleus Carefree Mix

Tired of heart-shaped Coleus.

This is the mix you want–foot-tall plants with huge, deeply lobed leaves in rich colors!

For a dramatic new shape in the shade garden or the home, Carefree Mix is the only Coleus to grow. Unlike most others, the foliage is not heart-shaped but resembles oak leaves, with big, lobed foliage in dazzling shades of jade, gold, red, and many pastels. The plants reach just a foot high and wide, but are very bushy, and never need pinching to encourage side shoots, thanks to their self-branching habit.Very uniform in shape within the series, each plant is a bit different both in coloration and in leaf shape, so that a large garden planting is particularly attention-getting. And no houseplant is as dramatic (or as easy to grow and care for).

A pleasingly unique Coleus, Carefree Mix is the best choice for exotic texture and rich color in the shade!Coleus is both beautiful and versatile. This shade variety thrives beneath tall or leggy shrubs as well as in those dark garden patches that desperately need some color. And Coleus is a fabulous houseplant–just sow the seeds at any time and within weeks you’ll see the first dazzling foliage.

For garden use, plant in moist soil and keep it moistened throughout the growing season. Space plants about 12 inches apart. Coleus germinates easily and grows readily, with its most magnificent display in summer. Insignificant flower spikes arise in late summer; if you pinch these off, the foliage show may continue well into fall. Try planting among ornamental grasses and other shade-loving green-leafed plants. The contrast will amaze you!