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Clematis Rooguchi

This Japanese Clematis is a tireless bloomer!

One of the most popular Clematis for its charming blue bells and extraordinarily long bloomtime, Clematis Rooguchi is a delight in any garden. It is a non-clinging variety that is useful as groundcover as well as in large containers and the garden, and it will regale you with masses of blooms all summer and into fall. These flowers are not open and starry like many familiar Clematis, but dangling, bell-shaped, and daintily curled outwards at the bottom, like old-fashioned long skirts.

The base color is rich violet-blue, with a lighter lavender edging. They measure 2 to 3 inches across, and arise profusely from early summer until early autumn.The plant is easy to grow, reaching about 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. A Japanese cultivar, it was introduced by Ozawa in 1990 and has become justly celebrated for its lovely color and long season of color. Pair it with other Clematis in the garden, or let it scrmable across the ground, climb a trellis, or thread its way through a Rose or open-habit small shrub.Grow this herbaceous perennial in shade to part sun, mulching the roots heavily to keep the soil temperature and moisture level consistent.

Rooguchi prefers more shade than many Clematis, thriving in the Hosta or Fern garden magnificently. Space plants about 4 feet apart for good groundcover or densely-set vertical cover.

Zones 4-9.