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Calla Lily Black Pearl

This midnight Calla produces waxy flowers — 4 to 5 inches across — and delicately outlined in jewel-toned maroon. This silky midnight Calla is the result of many years of Dutch breeding, and you will be amazed at the impact it creates in garden or vase. Thriving in sun to part shade, ‘Black Pearl’ offers long, elegant blooms of pure ebony delicately outlined in jewel-toned maroon. It is so perfectly formed that it scarcely looks real.

The waxy flowers measure 4 to 5 inches across and are exceptionally long-lasting on the 36-inch plant or in the vase, where they can be artfully arranged for dramatic impact. Arising in late spring or early summer, they hold about 3 weeks in garden or vase, for a long-lasting impact you’ll appreciate year after year.

Every few years, when the flowering declines, the bulb can be dug up in early fall or spring and divided into new plants for even more beauty!Our large bulbs are ready to produce multiple blooms the first year, as well as multiple offsets to assure you of an ever-increasing display of bold color and form. Very easy to grow, ‘Black Pearl’ asks only adequate moisture during dry summer spells.